Aimless Wonderings

LMoP episode 6

Having dispatched the ruffians (and picked up the red cloaks) in the store room, the party moved through the door towards the crypt area. Failing to check for traps, Caprica and Ellowyn fall into the pit, while Todd gets to the other side and Eos/Nova stop. Eos pulls everyone out with rope and Todd notices a ledge everyone could use to walk around.

Entering the crypt, the party encounters three skeletons. Elloywn manages to turn two, which flee to the far corner, while the rest of the party dispatches the one remaining to fight. They then close on the other two and end them as well.

The door to far end opens and a ruffian looks them. Seeing the red cloaks, he assumes they are fellow redbrand members. He chides them for not remembering the password to avoid the skeletons and ushers them into what appears to be a holding room. There are other guards here and they all laugh at the noobs’ mistakes with the password. They quickly leave, believing the party to be their replacements for guard duty.

The party questions the prisoners they notice in the cells. The eldest explains she and her children were taken prisoner after her husband tried to stand up the redbrands and was killed. They are being sold into slavery and beg the party to help them. The party escorts them back to town and quickly returns to the hideout.

Entering a giant cavern, the party is met by an ugly one-eyed creature. Nova lets loose a magic missile, while Ellowyn’s spell sends a blast of energy over its head. The rest of the party likewise fails with missile attacks and Caprica charages into melee. After a brief fight, the party dispatches the Nothic and finds its treasure, including Talon, a magic long sword. The party decides to head back to the village to rest.



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