Aimless Wonderings

LmoP Episode 4

The party returns to Phandalin and while Sildar rests and looks into the disappearance of Rockseeker, they seek out further adventure.

Heading to the Townmaster, they see a posting on town hall door seeking assistance with an orc problem. Going inside, the party meets Harbin Wester, Town master. He explains that orcs have been causing some problems to travelers. The party heads off to deal with the orcs.

Having found the orc lair, the party attacks. The orcs initially fight back but ultimately retreat into their cave. As the party enters, they find one dead, but the other is missing. Searching further, they encounter the rest of the orcs and a battle ensues. Things are not going well for the party and they seek to retreat, with the orcs in pursuit. They continue to fight outside the cave and both Cevin and Jimathon are killed; their bodies mysteriously disappearing in a flash of bluish light and clap of thunder.



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