Aimless Wonderings

LMoP episode 6

Having dispatched the ruffians (and picked up the red cloaks) in the store room, the party moved through the door towards the crypt area. Failing to check for traps, Caprica and Ellowyn fall into the pit, while Todd gets to the other side and Eos/Nova stop. Eos pulls everyone out with rope and Todd notices a ledge everyone could use to walk around.

Entering the crypt, the party encounters three skeletons. Elloywn manages to turn two, which flee to the far corner, while the rest of the party dispatches the one remaining to fight. They then close on the other two and end them as well.

The door to far end opens and a ruffian looks them. Seeing the red cloaks, he assumes they are fellow redbrand members. He chides them for not remembering the password to avoid the skeletons and ushers them into what appears to be a holding room. There are other guards here and they all laugh at the noobs’ mistakes with the password. They quickly leave, believing the party to be their replacements for guard duty.

The party questions the prisoners they notice in the cells. The eldest explains she and her children were taken prisoner after her husband tried to stand up the redbrands and was killed. They are being sold into slavery and beg the party to help them. The party escorts them back to town and quickly returns to the hideout.

Entering a giant cavern, the party is met by an ugly one-eyed creature. Nova lets loose a magic missile, while Ellowyn’s spell sends a blast of energy over its head. The rest of the party likewise fails with missile attacks and Caprica charages into melee. After a brief fight, the party dispatches the Nothic and finds its treasure, including Talon, a magic long sword. The party decides to head back to the village to rest.

LmoP Episode 5

Returning from the Orc encounter, the party is beset by the Redbrand Ruffians. Told to leave, the party decides to fight and quickly dispatches the brigands.

The Town master becomes worried that the party will have brought destruction on his town, having now upset the brigands. He implores the party to assist in ridding the town of this menace. The party agrees for a sum of 2gp each.

Sildar explains his search for Iarno and how he disappeared near the abandoned manor. At the same time, a townswoman approaches the party stating her son may know where the Redbrand’s hideout is.

The party moves to the manor and finds the cellar. Searching, they find three ruffians set up in a store room. The party dispatches them quickly.

LmoP Episode 4

The party returns to Phandalin and while Sildar rests and looks into the disappearance of Rockseeker, they seek out further adventure.

Heading to the Townmaster, they see a posting on town hall door seeking assistance with an orc problem. Going inside, the party meets Harbin Wester, Town master. He explains that orcs have been causing some problems to travelers. The party heads off to deal with the orcs.

Having found the orc lair, the party attacks. The orcs initially fight back but ultimately retreat into their cave. As the party enters, they find one dead, but the other is missing. Searching further, they encounter the rest of the orcs and a battle ensues. Things are not going well for the party and they seek to retreat, with the orcs in pursuit. They continue to fight outside the cave and both Cevin and Jimathon are killed; their bodies mysteriously disappearing in a flash of bluish light and clap of thunder.

LMoP Episode 3
cragmaw hideout

After resting the night, the party has breakfast at the inn. Asking the inkeep about work, the party decides to talk to Lenine Graywind, who runs the Lionshield Coster. Lenine noted that a shipment of her supplies went missing and she would pay the party 50 gp to recover it.

The party headed back down Triboar Trail to where they were ambushed. Searching around, the party found a trail leading toward the woods. Following the trail, the party found the Cragmaw hideout.

The party is attacked from a blind by arrow firing goblins. Eos takes an arrow to the shoulder. They kill one, but the other one escapes into the cave. The party starts to pursue the goblin but stops, fearing more goblins.

The party leaves the area but isn’t sure what to do next. Asking Eos and Ellowyn, it is suggested perhaps Linene’s supplies are in the goblin’s cave. Eos notes the party is acting like cowards and that he wants revenge against the goblins. Ellowyn notes they have been hired to complete a job and should complete it, which means dealing with the goblins.

The party returns to the cave and are again attacked by arrow firing goblins. Eos charges the goblins and tells Caprica to block the cave entrance to keep the goblins from escaping back inside. A short battle ensues with the party quickly dispatching goblin. The second tried to force his way past Caprica, Nova, and Todd, but Todd manages to hit him with a sling stone, knocking him unconscious. The goblin subsequently drowns in the river.

Entering the cave, the party encounters wolves, one of whom take a bite out of Todd for half his HP. Ellowyn heals Todd and the party pushes through to the next chamber, where they encounter Klarg, the bugbear leader, two goblin guards, and Klarg’s wolf. A battle ensues, with Klarg constantly hurling threats at the party. The party dispatches the goblins and wolf while Klarg flees to get back up.

Moving deeper into the cavern to pursue Klarg, the party again encounters Klarg and a couple goblins. They flee across a bridge and the party pursues. Klarg and the goblins stop fleeing once across the bridge, having been reinforced. the party finds themselves on the bridge, being fired upon by the goblins. Suddenly, arrows fly past the party from behind them, with additional support having come from behind. The party is now trapped on the bridge.

The party splits, half fighting Klarg and his bunch, and half fighting the group from the rear. Todd and Caprica both suffer great damage, but the party manages to come out on top. Ellowyn uses all of her remaining spell slots to heal Todd and Caprica.

Searching the rest of the cavern, the party finds Sildar Hallwinter, who explains he and Rockseeker were ambushed and captured. He insists on getting back to Phandalin as soon as possible. He his malnourished and dehydrated, and a bit disoriented. The party says they’ll help find Rockseeker for 50 sp each. He agrees.

LMoP Episode 2
wyvern tor

Waking up the next morning, the party is joined by Nova, who has finished her research in Karis Dahn.

After having breakfast, Caprica asks the innkeeper if there is any work available. The innkeeper directs them to the Town master.

The party sees the sign seeking adventures to deal with orc attacks along the Triboar trail. The party fights the orcs and their ogre boss and win, but lost Cevin and Dawin in the process.

LMoP: Episode 1

Treonna has received word from an old friend, Gundren Rockseeker, that he is in need of some hardy adventurers to get mining supplies from Neverwinter to Phandalin.

The party, (sans Nova, who is still investigating Kiris Dahn’s library), head to Neverwinter. Rockseeker explains the mission: simply get his wagon of supplies to Phandalin. The party haggles the initial price to 100 gold for the party.

The party finds two dead horses on the Triboar trail, and when trying to move them, come under attack from a group of goblins. Two goblins charge the party while two stay in the thickets and fire arrows.

The party dispatches the two charging goblins without much difficulty, but the archers prove a challenge. Eos takes an arrow to the leg while Cevin takes one to the shoulder. Cevin manages to hit one with Eldritch Blast, knocking back into a tree with such force it dies instantly. The other goblin flees.

The party finally moves the dead horses, finds empty saddle bags and an empty map case, and moves on to Phandalin. Once in Phandalin, they are met by Elmar Barthen, who takes the provisions and pays the party. His is clearly upset over the news that Rockseeker and Hallwinter may have been attacked by the goblins.

He suggests the party get some rest at the Stonehill Inn and that they can have further discussion of this problem in the morning.

A Wild Sheep Chase

After helping Lady Treonna regain Kiris Dahn, the party continued to assist her. While Nova stayed in Kiris Dahn helping rebuild the library (and hoping to learn some new magic), the rest of the party provided security to caravans carrying people and supplies to Kiris Dahn.

While returning to Sharat Kol, the party was approached by rather persistent sheep. It charged up to them, baaaaaaing loudly, and dropped a scroll at the feet of Cevin. The wax seal indicated a “speak with animals” spell. Upon casting the spell, the entire party could understand the sheep.

This was no ordinary sheep, but Shinebright, a great wizard (at least by his telling) who was turned into a sheep by his jealous apprentice. He begged the party to help return him to human form. The party agreed but suddenly beset by a Guv, a rather large half-orc and three wolves. Guv demanded the return of the sheep. The party refused and a fight took place.

Cevin scooped up the sheep and retreated, with Elloyn joining her for protection. The rest of the party faced Guv, who attacked with his great sword. Melee went back and forth, but Guv was out numbered and took damage quickly. He called the wolves to cover his retreat, slipping away in the woods.

The party pursued but lost the trail. Shinebright led the party to his tree house, where they again encountered a refreshed looking Guv (potion of healing) and the wolves. Guv again demanded the sheep’s return. The party, realizing Guv was not the brightest of being, engaged him in debate over ownership of the sheep. Ultimately Guv attacked, having grown confused and frustrated. Cevin and Ellowyn protected Shinebright while the rest of the party engaged Guv. One wolf attacked Ellowyn, nearly fatally wounding her, while another grabbed Shinebright by the leg and dragged him away from Cevin.

Dawin rushed to Elloyn’s aide, casting Cure Wounds. Eos and Ellowyn then attacked the wolf, who was chasing Shinebright around the yard. Eventually they manged to kill the wolf, and proceeded to enter the tree house.

In the treehouse then encountered Noke, the apprentice, who polymorphed a bed into a dragon and flew off. A large bear was found in the bedroom (don’t ask, Noke was a bit….odd), a quick melee ensued and the bear was dispatched. Noke and dragon returned, with the dragon firing a hail of splinters at the party. This happened several times before the party was able dispatch the dragon.

Noke used a spell to attack the party, knocking them all off their feet. But the party was too numerous and a combination of spells and physical attacks quickly ended the fight.

Shinebright raced to recover his wand of polymorph, which Cevin used to transform him back to his elven form. He quickly thanked the party and went to retrieve their reward, only do discover the Noke has spent his money. He promised the party future assistance and stated that they always had a place to stay with him.

The Slaying Stone: Episode 6
Final chapter

Having determined that Baron Kiris most likely headed to Treonna’s tower to retrieve the texts, the party headed back to the tower.

Upon arriving, the party finds no one answering the door, so Caprica picks the lock. Searching first two levels reveals nothing, but they party finds a spiral staircase on the second floor leading to a third. As the party reaches the top, the find a man behind a lectern starting a ritual. Treonna is tied up in the far corner of the room. The party also finds six skeletons moving toward the stairs. The party retreats down the stairs but the skeletons don’t pursue.

Moving back up the stairs, Ellowyn takes the lead and turns all the skeletons. The party then advances forward but the Baron casts a Hold Person catching Ellowyn. Dawin advances on the Baron only to have the Baron use his Serpent Staff, which entangles and bites him.

The party grabs Ellowyn and Dawin and retreat down the stairs. Eos kills the serpent, Ellowyn is released from the spell and heals Dawin, and the party advances on the stairs again, only to find that the skeletons are again waiting for them. They also hear the Baron starting to cast the ritual again.

Eos and Dawin start to fight the skeletons, slowly hacking them down. Todd tries to throw a bomb at the Baron only have have it fall short and explode harmlessly in the room.

As the skeletons get destroyed, the Baron moves toward his hostage but Todd throws his dagger, which strikes the Baron in the hand and forces him to drop his own dagger. Eos moves forward and dispatches the Baron.

The party frees Treonna, who after a few moments, begins the ritual to cleanse Kiris Dahn of the evil that resides there. As the ritual progresses, Todd cries out in pain. The party suddenly realizes that he is being affected by the ritual as he is connected to his tribe. Dawin tackles Treonna to stop the ritual.

The party negotiates with Treona for the kobolds’ lives, noting that without their help, the party could not have retrieved the stone. Treonna agrees to allow the party to remove the kobolds from Kiris Dahn.

The party travels to Kiris Dahn, and after much hand waiving and gesturing, Todd figures out what the issue is. He explains the situation to his tribe and they all follow the party back to Treonna’s tower. Treonna is not amused.

Treonna finishes the ritual and everyone, including the koblods, head back to Kiris Dahn. The kobolds settle back into “their” houses. Treonna is again not amused. The party convinces Treonna to give the kobolds her tower in exchange for their help in rebuilding Kiris Dahn. Afterall, they aren’t the ones who invaded, they just moved in after the goblins. Treonna reluctantly agrees to the arrangement.

The party heads back to the village to assess their treasure.

The Slaying Stone: Episode 5

The party, having fled Kiris Dahn after being attacked by orcs, headed back toTreonna’s tower.

Dawin, the Ranger, noticed foot prints of a non human nature around the tower. After knocking at the door with no answer, the party entered the tower, moving toward the dining room. Upon entering the dining room, the party discovered the leader of the orcs, sitting in the far corner of the room, with a large blade to Treonna’s throat. Filtch lie dead in another corner, an axe sticking out of his back.

The party quickly found themselves with a hoard of orcs at their back and trapped. The leader offered a deal: the stone for Treonna. The party asked what he wanted it for, only to be told they were paid to retrieve it. The party gave in and gave the orc the stone. They were ushered into the kitchen, where the orc pushed Treonna in, slammed the door shut, and locked them in.

The party, finally able to break through the door, found their horses stolen, with the tracks leading back to Kiris Dahn.

Nova, Caprica, Dawin, and Todd (the kolold) headed to Sharaat to get new horses, while Eos, Elowyn, and Treona stayed behind to bury Filtch.

The people of Sharaat were taken aback by the presence of a kobold traveling with the party, and Todd hid under Caprica’s cloak for the rest of the trip.

Waking the next morning, the party found Todd missing. They freaked out, thinking he either abandoned them or was kidnapped. His safe return became their only goal.

Having secured fresh horses and gotten a good night’s rest, the party the horse tracks to the orc encampment. Choosing to just ride in, Dawin and Caprica both took damage from arrows.

Nova and Cevin both used Sleep spells to drop the orcs, which were quickly tied to a couple trees. A search of their tents revealed nothing, but one of them had been slit in the back and there were boot tracks leading out. The tracks ended about 100’ out and disappeared.

The party decided to search the orcs for the stone, but none had it. One did have a dagger, and attacked Dawin. Dawin and the orc fought, with Dawin trying to knock the orc out rather than kill it, which he did, but only after getting cut by the dagger. The orc was retied and a sound was heard from the direction of the foot tracks. The party saw Todd returning with three dead rabbits. He had apparently gone off to hunt in the night and somehow found the party at the orc encampment.

An interrogation of the orcs revealed they were working for Baron Kiris (Treona’s brother), who they now viewed as a coward for having slipped out of the tent to save himself while they fought. The orcs noted that their intention was to hunt him down, pull his heart out, and sacrifice it to their god.

The party reclaimed their horses and headed to Kiris Dahn, believing that was were Baron Kiris was heading. They stayed overnight in an old farm house where Todd cooked the rabbits and they slept. Not knowing what to do the next day, they searched the kobold side of Kiris Dahn for Baron Kiris. They chose not to reenter the goblin held side or to speak to the dragon again (figuring that telling him they lost the Stone was a bad idea).

The Slaying Stone: Episode 4

The party had dispatched the mad bomber and ran from the stables, only to find themselves face to face with the hobgoblin leader and eight goblins. Weighing the odds quickly, the party decided to RUN!

As the party ran for the closest tree line, they heard shouts from down the road. Kobolds appeared and instead of pursuing the party went after the goblins. More goblins appeared and the kobolds fled back to their party of the town.

The party waits it out over night, getting some rest and recuperating. The party continues its exploration of the town and enter the library. They find an old piece of parchment that says something about a stone and a cave, but it is old and water damaged.

The party finds a room that is wizard locked and can’t enter it. Moving along, they enter the main library. There are books thrown everywhere and the room is in total disarray.

Cevin searches for magical books while the rest of the party looks for the Stone. While searching, they notice the huge double doors to the main room are damaged and laying in the room. They also find several more scales like those in the manor basement.

Suddenly, three kobolds appear in the doorway. Not threatening, they just kind of look at the party. Nova notes that the kobolds are friendly, having attacked the goblins the previous day. The party then attempts to communicate with the kobolds (no one speaks kobold). The ‘leader’ starts pointing at the scales the party is holding and chattering excitedly.

The party starts thinking the kobolds believe the party has killed their god, yet the kobolds remain non hostile. The leader continues to flail his arms around and the party works to communicate via “sign language”. They ultimately determine that the creature is a dragon, and that it entered the library at some point and then left.

At this point the kobold grabs Nova by the arm and pulls her back outside. He points repeatedly towards the North (the part of the city the goblins control). The party thinks this leads to the dragon’s lair but quickly realize, and more kobolds join them, that that the kobolds are expecting the party to help them defeat the goblins.

The kobolds lead the charge against the manor against the goblins. Pouring through the windows, the kobolds press their numerical advantage. The party follows and they quickly move to the second floor, where the hobgoblin leader is. He begs the party to spare his life. The party asks for the Slaying Stone. He says he can take to it if they will let him go. They bind his hands and he leads the party to the second stables; the first still smoldering from the previous day.

Cevin pulls the door open to be hit by a dart, as the door is trapped. Ellowyn heals Cevin and the part proceeds to enter stables and search them after knocking out the hobgoblin and tying him up. They find noting the skeletal remains of a stable boy.

Upon exiting the stables, the party finds the hobgoblin missing. Gesturing to the kobolds, they only smile and give the party a thumb’s up.

The leader makes flappy motions with the scales and points toward the hot springs. The party starts to head toward the hot springs and notice the kobolds are not following them. They motion to the kobolds but only one seems willing to come, “Todd”.

Todd joins the party and leads them to a cave. After moving deep into the cave, they party hears a deep voice from the darkness, “you are too tall to be goblins”. The party has encountered a bronze dragon, Trystys, who has resided in this cave for a long time. The party explains they are working for Treeona and need teh Stone to reclaim Kiris Dahn for her. Trystys is familiar with Lady Treeona and is willing to give the party the Stone to get rid of the intruders in the town. Trystys was not aware of survivors. He gives the party the Stone and as they move out of the cave, they are ambushed by a party of orcs. Crying for the dragon to assist them, the party finds the orcs retreating.

The party continues out of the cave and heads for their horses. Once in Kiris Dahn, the orcs attack again. The part runs and Eos manages to kill one with his bow. The party mounts their horse and ride off.


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