Aimless Wonderings

The Slaying Stone: Episode 3

The party moves down the stairs to the basement. They find little of value in the first room, but find two human prisoners in the second room. The prisoners are Cevin (warlock) and Dawin (ranger), who were taken prisoner when a merchant caravan they were traveling with was attacked by goblins. The party hears noises coming from down a tunnel and a bunch of giant rats run in. The party freezes and the rats ignore them and keep going. The party advances and finds a pool of water. Dawin takes his armor off, wades into the pool, and uses Ellowyn’s spear to test the bottom. He step on a bronze dragon scale, but doesn’t know what it is yet.

The party move further through the basement area and hear the rats coming back behind them. They flee into a room only to find a group of surprise and unhappy goblins. Nova uses a sleep spell to put the goblins to sleep, Cevin stabs them with her dagger, while the rest of the party deals with the rats.

The party searches the room and finds a ladder to a loft area. Nothing of value is found except for another bronze dragon scale. They then move back upstairs to search the rest of the manor. Moving to the second floor, they dodge the goblins patrolling the manor several times. They find goblins sleeping in one room and some playing a game of chance in another room. Moving to open a door, they encounter a goblin exiting the room across the hall. The goblins screams, alerting the rest of the house. The party kills the goblin, rushes into the room, kill the other goblins in the room. Nova and Cevin remain in the hall and see the goblin leader exit a room at the end of the hall, summoning the sleeping goblins to charge and kill the invaders. Everyone rushes into the room and barricade the door.
Trapped, the party hear the goblins trying to break down the door. Then they hear explosions and a goblin alchemist starts to blow the door open. The party ties rope to a table and climb out of the window.

On the ground, the party is chased into a nearby stable. The close and bar the door only to find a lone goblin inside. Cevin raises her hands to surrender to see what the goblin does. He too, raises his hands to surrender, but in doing so reaches for the lever on one of the stables. Caprica shoots him with her bow but as he dies, he pulls the level and four wolves are released. Nova uses a sleep spell on the wolves and the party dispatches them. At the same time, they party hears the goblins banging on the door and take positions in the hay loft. Soon after, the door is blown open in a massive explosion and the goblins pour in. Several are felled by Eos and Caprica’s arrows, and Nova and Cevin put the rest to sleep. They party climbs down and starts to kill the goblins only to find the goblin alchemist in the doorway. He cackles and throws a bomb inside. The party dives for cover. They get up and the alchemist bombs them again. On the third try, the party rushes him, Eos strikes him down with his sword, and party comes face to face with five goblins and their hobgoblin leader.

The Slaying Stone: Episode 2
Epidose 2

The party travels from Sharaat Kol to Kiris Dahn. The two day trip is uneventful. The party arrives at dusk and decides to make camp, then proceed with the infiltration of Kiris Dahn at dawn.

The party encounters multiple parties of goblins patrolling the roads but make their way to the manor house.

To avoid a patrol, the party climbs nearby trees. After the patrol passes, they climb down, with Eos falling out of the tree.

Caprica decides the best way to enter is through a second story window. She climbs up to discover a couple goblins playing a dice game in the room. She abandons this notion and tries the back door, which is locked. After unsuccessfully trying to pick the lock, Eos forces it open.

The party heads to the first room, which is the kitchen. Nothing found. They move across the hall to a storage room and find nothing. Moving down the hall, they enter a study. While searching the study, a patrol of goblins finds them. The party decides to jump out the window and flee, so Eos hurls a desk through it. The party dives out the window, with Nova taking damage from the glass. Eos and Caprica use their bows to shoot at the goblins through the window as they approach. They kill a few, but the rest come through. Melee ensues, with the party taking damage. More goblins appear out the back door and the party runs toward the hot springs.

Caprica finds a small cave and the party scrambles inside. Nova gets stuck in the entryway but the party pulls her in. The party then waits until dusk as goblins surround the area searching for them.

At dusk, the party moves back to mansion. The search the entire first floor, dodging goblin patrols. They find two of the books that Treonna has requested they bring back to her.
While searching the last room, the party hears goblin patrols moving through the house doing a room by room search. Just as the goblins open the door to the room the party is in, Caprica finds a secret door behind a bookshelf. The party closes the door just as the goblins enter. The goblins enter and find nothing.

The Slaying Stone: Episode 1
Episode 1

Episode 1: The Slaying Stone
Session 1 notes
The adventure starts in Sharaat Kol. Caprica (fighter) and Nova (wizard) have traveled here as part of a merchant caravan. While sitting in a tavern, they are approached by a squirrely older man named Filch. He works for Treonna, the last of the nobility from Kiris Dahn, a small village that was taken over by goblins. Filch invites the party to their tower to discuss a job. The party is told that two other adventurers have agreed to meet with Treonna, Eos (fighter), and Ellowyn (cleric).

The party approaches Treonna’s tower, arriving near dusk and hear rustling in the bushes near a bridge. Four wolves appear. Caprica kills one with her bow and Nadia puts the rest to sleep. Eos kills them.

Treonna explains the quest: Enter Kiris Dahn and retrieve 3 ritual texts and a magic artifact, the slaying stone. The texts plus the stone can be used in a ritual to rid Kiris Dawn of the goblins. The party decides to approach Kiris Dahn from the NW.

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