Aimless Wonderings

The Slaying Stone: Episode 6

Final chapter

Having determined that Baron Kiris most likely headed to Treonna’s tower to retrieve the texts, the party headed back to the tower.

Upon arriving, the party finds no one answering the door, so Caprica picks the lock. Searching first two levels reveals nothing, but they party finds a spiral staircase on the second floor leading to a third. As the party reaches the top, the find a man behind a lectern starting a ritual. Treonna is tied up in the far corner of the room. The party also finds six skeletons moving toward the stairs. The party retreats down the stairs but the skeletons don’t pursue.

Moving back up the stairs, Ellowyn takes the lead and turns all the skeletons. The party then advances forward but the Baron casts a Hold Person catching Ellowyn. Dawin advances on the Baron only to have the Baron use his Serpent Staff, which entangles and bites him.

The party grabs Ellowyn and Dawin and retreat down the stairs. Eos kills the serpent, Ellowyn is released from the spell and heals Dawin, and the party advances on the stairs again, only to find that the skeletons are again waiting for them. They also hear the Baron starting to cast the ritual again.

Eos and Dawin start to fight the skeletons, slowly hacking them down. Todd tries to throw a bomb at the Baron only have have it fall short and explode harmlessly in the room.

As the skeletons get destroyed, the Baron moves toward his hostage but Todd throws his dagger, which strikes the Baron in the hand and forces him to drop his own dagger. Eos moves forward and dispatches the Baron.

The party frees Treonna, who after a few moments, begins the ritual to cleanse Kiris Dahn of the evil that resides there. As the ritual progresses, Todd cries out in pain. The party suddenly realizes that he is being affected by the ritual as he is connected to his tribe. Dawin tackles Treonna to stop the ritual.

The party negotiates with Treona for the kobolds’ lives, noting that without their help, the party could not have retrieved the stone. Treonna agrees to allow the party to remove the kobolds from Kiris Dahn.

The party travels to Kiris Dahn, and after much hand waiving and gesturing, Todd figures out what the issue is. He explains the situation to his tribe and they all follow the party back to Treonna’s tower. Treonna is not amused.

Treonna finishes the ritual and everyone, including the koblods, head back to Kiris Dahn. The kobolds settle back into “their” houses. Treonna is again not amused. The party convinces Treonna to give the kobolds her tower in exchange for their help in rebuilding Kiris Dahn. Afterall, they aren’t the ones who invaded, they just moved in after the goblins. Treonna reluctantly agrees to the arrangement.

The party heads back to the village to assess their treasure.



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