Aimless Wonderings

The Slaying Stone: Episode 5

The party, having fled Kiris Dahn after being attacked by orcs, headed back toTreonna’s tower.

Dawin, the Ranger, noticed foot prints of a non human nature around the tower. After knocking at the door with no answer, the party entered the tower, moving toward the dining room. Upon entering the dining room, the party discovered the leader of the orcs, sitting in the far corner of the room, with a large blade to Treonna’s throat. Filtch lie dead in another corner, an axe sticking out of his back.

The party quickly found themselves with a hoard of orcs at their back and trapped. The leader offered a deal: the stone for Treonna. The party asked what he wanted it for, only to be told they were paid to retrieve it. The party gave in and gave the orc the stone. They were ushered into the kitchen, where the orc pushed Treonna in, slammed the door shut, and locked them in.

The party, finally able to break through the door, found their horses stolen, with the tracks leading back to Kiris Dahn.

Nova, Caprica, Dawin, and Todd (the kolold) headed to Sharaat to get new horses, while Eos, Elowyn, and Treona stayed behind to bury Filtch.

The people of Sharaat were taken aback by the presence of a kobold traveling with the party, and Todd hid under Caprica’s cloak for the rest of the trip.

Waking the next morning, the party found Todd missing. They freaked out, thinking he either abandoned them or was kidnapped. His safe return became their only goal.

Having secured fresh horses and gotten a good night’s rest, the party the horse tracks to the orc encampment. Choosing to just ride in, Dawin and Caprica both took damage from arrows.

Nova and Cevin both used Sleep spells to drop the orcs, which were quickly tied to a couple trees. A search of their tents revealed nothing, but one of them had been slit in the back and there were boot tracks leading out. The tracks ended about 100’ out and disappeared.

The party decided to search the orcs for the stone, but none had it. One did have a dagger, and attacked Dawin. Dawin and the orc fought, with Dawin trying to knock the orc out rather than kill it, which he did, but only after getting cut by the dagger. The orc was retied and a sound was heard from the direction of the foot tracks. The party saw Todd returning with three dead rabbits. He had apparently gone off to hunt in the night and somehow found the party at the orc encampment.

An interrogation of the orcs revealed they were working for Baron Kiris (Treona’s brother), who they now viewed as a coward for having slipped out of the tent to save himself while they fought. The orcs noted that their intention was to hunt him down, pull his heart out, and sacrifice it to their god.

The party reclaimed their horses and headed to Kiris Dahn, believing that was were Baron Kiris was heading. They stayed overnight in an old farm house where Todd cooked the rabbits and they slept. Not knowing what to do the next day, they searched the kobold side of Kiris Dahn for Baron Kiris. They chose not to reenter the goblin held side or to speak to the dragon again (figuring that telling him they lost the Stone was a bad idea).



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