Aimless Wonderings

The Slaying Stone: Episode 4

The party had dispatched the mad bomber and ran from the stables, only to find themselves face to face with the hobgoblin leader and eight goblins. Weighing the odds quickly, the party decided to RUN!

As the party ran for the closest tree line, they heard shouts from down the road. Kobolds appeared and instead of pursuing the party went after the goblins. More goblins appeared and the kobolds fled back to their party of the town.

The party waits it out over night, getting some rest and recuperating. The party continues its exploration of the town and enter the library. They find an old piece of parchment that says something about a stone and a cave, but it is old and water damaged.

The party finds a room that is wizard locked and can’t enter it. Moving along, they enter the main library. There are books thrown everywhere and the room is in total disarray.

Cevin searches for magical books while the rest of the party looks for the Stone. While searching, they notice the huge double doors to the main room are damaged and laying in the room. They also find several more scales like those in the manor basement.

Suddenly, three kobolds appear in the doorway. Not threatening, they just kind of look at the party. Nova notes that the kobolds are friendly, having attacked the goblins the previous day. The party then attempts to communicate with the kobolds (no one speaks kobold). The ‘leader’ starts pointing at the scales the party is holding and chattering excitedly.

The party starts thinking the kobolds believe the party has killed their god, yet the kobolds remain non hostile. The leader continues to flail his arms around and the party works to communicate via “sign language”. They ultimately determine that the creature is a dragon, and that it entered the library at some point and then left.

At this point the kobold grabs Nova by the arm and pulls her back outside. He points repeatedly towards the North (the part of the city the goblins control). The party thinks this leads to the dragon’s lair but quickly realize, and more kobolds join them, that that the kobolds are expecting the party to help them defeat the goblins.

The kobolds lead the charge against the manor against the goblins. Pouring through the windows, the kobolds press their numerical advantage. The party follows and they quickly move to the second floor, where the hobgoblin leader is. He begs the party to spare his life. The party asks for the Slaying Stone. He says he can take to it if they will let him go. They bind his hands and he leads the party to the second stables; the first still smoldering from the previous day.

Cevin pulls the door open to be hit by a dart, as the door is trapped. Ellowyn heals Cevin and the part proceeds to enter stables and search them after knocking out the hobgoblin and tying him up. They find noting the skeletal remains of a stable boy.

Upon exiting the stables, the party finds the hobgoblin missing. Gesturing to the kobolds, they only smile and give the party a thumb’s up.

The leader makes flappy motions with the scales and points toward the hot springs. The party starts to head toward the hot springs and notice the kobolds are not following them. They motion to the kobolds but only one seems willing to come, “Todd”.

Todd joins the party and leads them to a cave. After moving deep into the cave, they party hears a deep voice from the darkness, “you are too tall to be goblins”. The party has encountered a bronze dragon, Trystys, who has resided in this cave for a long time. The party explains they are working for Treeona and need teh Stone to reclaim Kiris Dahn for her. Trystys is familiar with Lady Treeona and is willing to give the party the Stone to get rid of the intruders in the town. Trystys was not aware of survivors. He gives the party the Stone and as they move out of the cave, they are ambushed by a party of orcs. Crying for the dragon to assist them, the party finds the orcs retreating.

The party continues out of the cave and heads for their horses. Once in Kiris Dahn, the orcs attack again. The part runs and Eos manages to kill one with his bow. The party mounts their horse and ride off.



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