Aimless Wonderings

LMoP Episode 3

cragmaw hideout

After resting the night, the party has breakfast at the inn. Asking the inkeep about work, the party decides to talk to Lenine Graywind, who runs the Lionshield Coster. Lenine noted that a shipment of her supplies went missing and she would pay the party 50 gp to recover it.

The party headed back down Triboar Trail to where they were ambushed. Searching around, the party found a trail leading toward the woods. Following the trail, the party found the Cragmaw hideout.

The party is attacked from a blind by arrow firing goblins. Eos takes an arrow to the shoulder. They kill one, but the other one escapes into the cave. The party starts to pursue the goblin but stops, fearing more goblins.

The party leaves the area but isn’t sure what to do next. Asking Eos and Ellowyn, it is suggested perhaps Linene’s supplies are in the goblin’s cave. Eos notes the party is acting like cowards and that he wants revenge against the goblins. Ellowyn notes they have been hired to complete a job and should complete it, which means dealing with the goblins.

The party returns to the cave and are again attacked by arrow firing goblins. Eos charges the goblins and tells Caprica to block the cave entrance to keep the goblins from escaping back inside. A short battle ensues with the party quickly dispatching goblin. The second tried to force his way past Caprica, Nova, and Todd, but Todd manages to hit him with a sling stone, knocking him unconscious. The goblin subsequently drowns in the river.

Entering the cave, the party encounters wolves, one of whom take a bite out of Todd for half his HP. Ellowyn heals Todd and the party pushes through to the next chamber, where they encounter Klarg, the bugbear leader, two goblin guards, and Klarg’s wolf. A battle ensues, with Klarg constantly hurling threats at the party. The party dispatches the goblins and wolf while Klarg flees to get back up.

Moving deeper into the cavern to pursue Klarg, the party again encounters Klarg and a couple goblins. They flee across a bridge and the party pursues. Klarg and the goblins stop fleeing once across the bridge, having been reinforced. the party finds themselves on the bridge, being fired upon by the goblins. Suddenly, arrows fly past the party from behind them, with additional support having come from behind. The party is now trapped on the bridge.

The party splits, half fighting Klarg and his bunch, and half fighting the group from the rear. Todd and Caprica both suffer great damage, but the party manages to come out on top. Ellowyn uses all of her remaining spell slots to heal Todd and Caprica.

Searching the rest of the cavern, the party finds Sildar Hallwinter, who explains he and Rockseeker were ambushed and captured. He insists on getting back to Phandalin as soon as possible. He his malnourished and dehydrated, and a bit disoriented. The party says they’ll help find Rockseeker for 50 sp each. He agrees.



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