Aimless Wonderings

LMoP: Episode 1

Treonna has received word from an old friend, Gundren Rockseeker, that he is in need of some hardy adventurers to get mining supplies from Neverwinter to Phandalin.

The party, (sans Nova, who is still investigating Kiris Dahn’s library), head to Neverwinter. Rockseeker explains the mission: simply get his wagon of supplies to Phandalin. The party haggles the initial price to 100 gold for the party.

The party finds two dead horses on the Triboar trail, and when trying to move them, come under attack from a group of goblins. Two goblins charge the party while two stay in the thickets and fire arrows.

The party dispatches the two charging goblins without much difficulty, but the archers prove a challenge. Eos takes an arrow to the leg while Cevin takes one to the shoulder. Cevin manages to hit one with Eldritch Blast, knocking back into a tree with such force it dies instantly. The other goblin flees.

The party finally moves the dead horses, finds empty saddle bags and an empty map case, and moves on to Phandalin. Once in Phandalin, they are met by Elmar Barthen, who takes the provisions and pays the party. His is clearly upset over the news that Rockseeker and Hallwinter may have been attacked by the goblins.

He suggests the party get some rest at the Stonehill Inn and that they can have further discussion of this problem in the morning.



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