Aimless Wonderings

A Wild Sheep Chase

After helping Lady Treonna regain Kiris Dahn, the party continued to assist her. While Nova stayed in Kiris Dahn helping rebuild the library (and hoping to learn some new magic), the rest of the party provided security to caravans carrying people and supplies to Kiris Dahn.

While returning to Sharat Kol, the party was approached by rather persistent sheep. It charged up to them, baaaaaaing loudly, and dropped a scroll at the feet of Cevin. The wax seal indicated a “speak with animals” spell. Upon casting the spell, the entire party could understand the sheep.

This was no ordinary sheep, but Shinebright, a great wizard (at least by his telling) who was turned into a sheep by his jealous apprentice. He begged the party to help return him to human form. The party agreed but suddenly beset by a Guv, a rather large half-orc and three wolves. Guv demanded the return of the sheep. The party refused and a fight took place.

Cevin scooped up the sheep and retreated, with Elloyn joining her for protection. The rest of the party faced Guv, who attacked with his great sword. Melee went back and forth, but Guv was out numbered and took damage quickly. He called the wolves to cover his retreat, slipping away in the woods.

The party pursued but lost the trail. Shinebright led the party to his tree house, where they again encountered a refreshed looking Guv (potion of healing) and the wolves. Guv again demanded the sheep’s return. The party, realizing Guv was not the brightest of being, engaged him in debate over ownership of the sheep. Ultimately Guv attacked, having grown confused and frustrated. Cevin and Ellowyn protected Shinebright while the rest of the party engaged Guv. One wolf attacked Ellowyn, nearly fatally wounding her, while another grabbed Shinebright by the leg and dragged him away from Cevin.

Dawin rushed to Elloyn’s aide, casting Cure Wounds. Eos and Ellowyn then attacked the wolf, who was chasing Shinebright around the yard. Eventually they manged to kill the wolf, and proceeded to enter the tree house.

In the treehouse then encountered Noke, the apprentice, who polymorphed a bed into a dragon and flew off. A large bear was found in the bedroom (don’t ask, Noke was a bit….odd), a quick melee ensued and the bear was dispatched. Noke and dragon returned, with the dragon firing a hail of splinters at the party. This happened several times before the party was able dispatch the dragon.

Noke used a spell to attack the party, knocking them all off their feet. But the party was too numerous and a combination of spells and physical attacks quickly ended the fight.

Shinebright raced to recover his wand of polymorph, which Cevin used to transform him back to his elven form. He quickly thanked the party and went to retrieve their reward, only do discover the Noke has spent his money. He promised the party future assistance and stated that they always had a place to stay with him.



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